Site reveals every public torrent any IP address has downloaded

I’m no html genius so this banner is probably going to get cut off, but the story behind it is that it (hopefully) shows the publicly listed torrents that were downloaded from your IP address. It’s from this site, which is making the rounds on tech and privacy blogs this week. It’s only got one torrent for my IP address, one which I’m relatively certain my roommate or a prior resident downloaded, but I’ve heard anecdotally that for many people/IP addresses it has an entire and possibly embarrassing list of files. Rather shocking how much is publicly available, and TorrentFreak has already turned the microscope towards the big media companies to see what files IP addresses associated with those companies reveal. Just a reminder that precious little of your internet existence is truly private.


Update: Though no html genius, the banner is down not for lack of smarts on my part but because the host site has been taken down. It is claimed to be temporary, so I’m going to leave this post as-is in the hopes that the very interesting webtool is revised and published again.

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